On Birthdays.

Currently, I’m in the midst of my 40th year. I celebrate the milestone officially in May, but since I was around the entire year before my 1st birthday, that makes this current time frame my 40th year. This past holiday season was my 40th Christmas and New Years, my 40th spring (the season of my birth), my 40th summer, and I’m in the midst of my 40th winter. When the day officially comes, I’ll technically be starting my 41st year of life. People generally look at birthdays as a celebration of the year ahead, when technically they are a salute to making it through the last 365 days. Or, in my case this year, the past 14,600 days, give or take a leap year here and there.’

Time goes so slowly when you’re a kid. It takes FOREVER for the clock to hit 3pm each day in class. It takes FOREVER for Christmas to come. It takes FOREVER for your birthday. It takes FOREVER for any sort of school break to happen, and then those last couple weeks in the summer take FOREVER to get through when you are bored and ready to get back to school and see your friends and actually do something.

As a mother of two in school, who also has a marriage to nurture and a business to cultivate and grow, I can tell you each day seems 5 minutes long compared to the long, drawn out days of my childhood. Life goes slow when you’re a kid, but it’s a million miles a minute when you’re in the midst of it.


Time to slow down and look around once in a while.


Hi 5 Friday Volume 1

Something new I’m trying…in an effort to remember the awesome little things that might slip by…

1. In prepping our first home to be sold, we’ve been finishing up on a lot of things we ‘meant to do’ in the past 6 years of living here. I can’t even tell you how much I love my master ensuite now, even if it is just a two piece. It was 80’s dusty rose, ceiling included only a darker shade. Somehow it didn’t make the cut to get painted earlier and it was painted about 4 months ago, and a couple of weeks ago I finally painted the ceiling white. Going pee is almost a joy now! It’s much calmer in there. This is one of many little things we’ve taken care of that’s made us appreciate our house so much more. For our next home I want to tackle things sooner rather than later and really enjoy it while we spend the next 30 years there. This week we finally moved the super-comfy-coma-loveseat into the rec room and Chad’s fallen asleep there every night since. He wakes up and comes to bed, but it’s nice that he’s that cozy. Of course, moving the loveseat downstairs was a whole different story, but we’re still married.



2. The weather has been amazing, 31C yesterday, which is 88F if you don’t speak Celsius. Too much to do indoors, so I didn’t get to spend a lot of time outside, but for the first time all year I didn’t have to wear a hoody in my office. It’s chilly down here in the dungeon. Don’t shoot me, but I am excited for the rain in the forecast this weekend. It’s a trade show weekend for me and last year this was our first gorgeous weekend of the year, so the trade show was empty. Mama needs bizness, people. Bring on the rain!

3. About 12 years ago, my parents gave us their solid oak dining room table. It’s a nice piece of wood, but dated, very obviously early 90s furniture. Paint stains all over it from letting the Littles do their art on it when they were the Littles. Now they’re the Preteen and Almostgrowdup.  I’ve been lugging this thing around with us through all of the places we rented before buying here. And why? Because I remember doing my homework on that table? Specifically having my dad help me, on a big project, a large map of Washington State, showing all of the different areas. (It really is an awesome state, explore it if you get the chance). A memory. I’m hanging onto this 75lb 6 foot long oak table for a memory. I don’t even like it and it’s not my style. So we donated it to charity. Someone can make their own memories with that table. And also, it is a giant pain-in-the-ass to move. We had to take the legs off to get it out the door. It looks smaller than it is. Not shown: the giant leaf.

This is how he rolls.

4. I’m only a few weeks away from my 39th birthday, one more year til ‘the big one’.  Last weekend my girlfriends told me they are taking over my 40th birthday shenanigans. When I told my other friend this, she said that would be hard for her because my parties are hard to top. (That made me feel warm & squishy inside). I do put time and effort into the parties I throw. I like themes, I invite the right people, I make bitchen playlists. I am happy because I can see myself getting all stressed out over my own 40th party, not over the actual birthday, and I know my friends are wicked party planners as well. My actual 40th is on a Wednesday and this is what I will probably be doing that day.

Our sign will be prettier and full of sparkles.

5. I actually finished a blog post this week! Word.


Maui Wowie Day 11: Beauty & the Feast

Today, we looked out our windows and saw nice calm waters, the perfect day to get to the beach. We snorkeled for a long time, Chad has the Go Pro thing figured out, and once I get the videos on youtube I’ll share it here, as well as the pictures of him trying to figure out the Go Pro.

Ry got in some quality sunshine and Cars finally got to test out  his new boogie board. ImageImageImage

I got to be artsy with my feet while playing with my zoom lens, which I appreciated since I can stand back and not worry about the lens getting wet. This isn’t something I have to worry about usually, since this camera & lens is typically used for work, basically so I can take pictures of things and stay back behind the crowd instead of right in it. Image

After the wind picked up we spent some time at the pool, or ‘Little Canada’ as we started calling it, since that’s where we always met mostly Canadians. I drank one of these, and I was so bummed I only had one because OMDELICIOUS!!! I had a Cherry Limeade one as well, which wasn’t as good. Mango Daiquiri all the way! I’ll be looking to bring these across the border into Big Canada. We need them. Like, bad.parrotbay

Monday night we had reservations at the Honolua Luau at the Grand Wailea. I was a little bit sad, knowing that when I booked this luau, it would be almost the very end of our trip, the next day being our last full day. That said, we enjoyed the moment many times over and made lots of great memories. ImageImageImage

It was a little windy, but it looks worse here than it actually was. It was actually the perfect night for a luau, not too hot, not too windy. I’ve heard a lot about the grounds of the Grand Wailea, and while it was beautiful, don’t get me wrong, sometimes the hype is a little too much. Of course, I’d never turn down a chance to stay here, either. It’s a tad rich for our blood, but you never know when a wicked deal will fall in your lap.Image

This picture is from my Instagram (orallyCoralie). The description read: Ry & I got lei’d! The look in Chads eyes when she ran up to him and said “Daddy I got lei’d” was worth the $15.


As a sidenote, I’ve stared at this picture for hours. My daughter is a gorgeous young woman. Look at her!

We sat and enjoyed some free drinks, while the kids enjoyed all the free pop in the world. ImageImageImage

Ry enjoyed a little more than free pop, when she got served a non-Virgin pina colada. She didn’t ask for one with alcohol, or without, she just assumed because it was her third one she didn’t have to specify anymore. Apparently you do because they gave her one with a huge amount of rum in it. I didn’t mind if she drank it, she’ll be 17 in 2 weeks, legal drinking age here is 19, I expect her to have *a drink* here and there to learn to work it into her life. However this had so much rum she couldn’t stand it, and only sipped down to the bottom of the rim, about an inch from the top. Then she clarified NON VIRGIN, which is awkward enough to shout out in a public place. ImageImageImage

The sunset was AMAZING. Probably the best of our entire trip. This is what makes me want to spend a night by this beach.ImageImageImage

This is the third luau I’ve attended on Maui and I have to give credit where it’s due, this is probably the best luau I’ve ever attended. My first was up in Kaanapali at the Hyatt I believe. Last year Chad and I went for tradition and went to the Old Lahaina Luau, which was great, except the show wasn’t as funny as the show at the Grand Wailea. A good laugh will land me for sure, and the emcee here had us rolling.  The food was on par with OLL, and I don’t remember the food at the first luau. I do remember the drinks, though 😉  At OLL our drinks were very watered down. Not here at the GW! I was nice and toasty when we left 🙂

One more thing I have to give props to the Grand Wailea for…when we went to the front to ask for a taxi back to our condo, they sent their van for us free of charge. Our condo wasn’t far from there, being on the Kihei/Wailea border, and there was us 4 and another 4, but the other 4 chose to take a cab, probably because we couldn’t stop staring at one girls boobies earlier in the day. And that’s a whole other blog post.

Cor xo

Maui Wowie Day 10: Maui Ocean Center


Before I go into our 10th day on my favorite spot on earth, I want to share some pics I forgot to add to last Friday’s as I just uploaded them off my DSLR. After spending the day snorkeling Black Rock & having our tattoo/piercing consult, we meandered down front street towards Bubba Gumps for dinner. These pictures were taken at the beginning of our stroll, at the giant Banyan tree that takes up an entire block on Front Street in Lahaina & looks like a dozen or so trees but is only one.


Does this lock mean someone’s trying to turn this tree into the bridge in Europe where people leave locks and throw the keys in the river? Or was someone just drunk and wandering down the street and though, meh, why not?


Those damn hypnotizing turbines, obtuse angles for Ry’s math project of taking pictures of different angles during spring break.Image


On Sunday, it was pretty windy in the morning, too windy to go to the beach for us, so in the morning the kids got the condo in order while Chad & I went to Foodland to pick up a few more things. One thing we needed was toilet paper, and when we went to go down that aisle, we noticed there were paramedics over a man collapsed in the aisle, right in front of the toilet paper. It seemed pretty serious and of course I walked slowly past the aisle to try to figure out what was going on and if he was ok, but it didn’t seem overly serious, & I’m not a nurse anyway, just a nosy grocery shopper. We continued on and got almost everything, then went back to see if the TP aisle was clear, it wasn’t. Hmm maybe this was serious. Wandered around and found more things to fill our cart that we didn’t need, and looked down the frozen food aisle and saw a paramedic doing some grocery shopping. Hmmm, wonder if this means he was off duty now? Yep, the aisle was clear.  To us mainlanders, how strange is that? To the people of Maui, you save a life, then pick up some ice cream for the kids. For us, we bought 2 more tubs of Rosealini’s, coconut and chocolate macadamia nut. And we got our toilet paper and $100 later we were out of there.

We got the groceries put away and headed to the Maui Ocean Center. WOW. Something every family should talk time out to do. It is relatively small, especially compared to the Vancouver Aquarium, which you could spend an entire day at, this one you would need 2 hours max. However, the fish & sea life you see is incredible, not something we would ever see here at home, so it was worth it for us, even at about $100 for all 4 of us to go in.


We spent the extra $$ and got these handheld devices to be used as a tour guide, however I found it to be a waste of money & we ended up reading all of the signs more than using the audio devices.

When we first walked in we were greeted by this big tank that had a ton of yellow tang’s in them. We used to have a saltwater tank for years and the yellow tangs were one of our favorite fish. We had almost all of the fish that were in Finding Nemo and this was in the late 90’s. Once we get into our new house we want to get a reef tank set up. It was so nice to look at, & now that I have discovered a love for snorkeling it would be nice to have some fishy friends at home.


Starfish are another of my favorite sea creatures. Starfish are a running theme in our house for a variety of reasons.Image

Inside there are tons of colorful, pretty, weird, and strange looking and downright ugly fish. I wonder, when fish take selfies do they try to make people lips?


Chad & the kids looking through one of the many windows to the giant reef tank. I see a fish that probably has a very happy wife. Can you find him?Image

There he is!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

There were even sea horses, this picture was taken through a microscope,this guy looks a leetle bit drunk.Image

This guy just finished a couple of growlers of Black Rock Ale & stumbled back to his tank. Silly Patrick.ImageImage

Shark Bait Ooh Ah Ah!Image

These fish are goby’s. We used to have one in our tank and that’s where my old email address and username on the TA forums comes from. They are the long, skinny ones on the left, and there’s one on the right.Image

These things were strange. They are called Garden Eels and they just stood there, like a worm standing up and blowing in the wind. This looks like glass but it’s a two way mirror, as in many of the tanks. This ensures the sea life will behave normally, if they knew they were being watched these guys would just bury themselves in the sand. They aren’t into voyeurism.Image

This is officially the ugiest, laziest fish I have EVER met in my life. No wonder he was all alone.ImageImageImage

I love any opportunity to check out turtles, so the Turtle Lagoon was nice, although there were’t many turtles in it, which is a good thing.Image

This turtle is a TMNT with his laser vision. He looks like a Raphael. They’ve finally been caught on film. I’m going to be rich!Image

There are even baby turtles. Awwwww.Image

It is a federal offense to even TOUCH a sea turtle in the United States. Does this mean we can do a citizens arrest to those touching the turtles at Black Rock (or other areas) when they know they shouldn’t? Well, I’m not a US citizen so I’m not sure how that would work. I could be a citizen for the turtles, though. Yeah, thats it.Image

I’ve had a thing for turtles since I was a teenager. I had a few as pets, and just always felt like I was kindred spirits with turtles. Maybe this is why we’ve bonded so well…Image

I don’t know who the hell these two are looking at, because I was the only one there. All I can say is, like father, like son. And My name’s Forrest, Forrest Gump.ImageImageImageImage

SQUISHIES! We were mesmerized for a few minutes here.Image

They have the coolest tunnel through a shark tank. I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of the tunnel from a perspective standpoint. I did get my kids in the tunnel, though.Image

Then they got distracted by a stingray with a giant vagina.Image

Wait a minute, this one has a giant vagina, too!!!Image

This guy didn’t seem to have a giant vagina, so I assume he’s the male. No wonder he’s got such a big smile with all those big vagina’s swimming around. Image

He could have been smiling because this guy wasn’t eating him. Yes, that is a mother effing tiger shark!!! He was about 6′ long. They keep them as long as they don’t get aggressive, which they don’t if they are well fed. You can even go swim with these guys if you want. Well, *you* can, I’ll just stay on this side of the glass, thank you very much.ImageImage

Here the tiger shark is asking Mr. Dickhead for bedroom advice. Mr. Dickhead’s a lovah not a fightah.ImageWe stayed and watched the shark feeding at 3pm, two scuba divers in the tank doing the feeding. I wonder what their life insurance is like.

We wandered around the little shops there for a bit but didn’t buy anything. Stopped at Ululani’s in North Kihei for some shave ice, Chad and kids went for their usual while I tried the Lahaina, Pineapple, Coconut, & Banana. It was tasty but nothings beat Haleakala yet for me.

When we got home we hung out at the pool for a bit, cooked up some mahi mahi, not nearly as good as anyone has cooked it for us so we’ll stick to just ordering it.

We’re on the red eye Wednesday night so only 3 full days left. Sad this trip is coming to an end but happy to plan the next one for 2015.

Sidenote, as I’m finishing this up at home. At the end of our trip I asked my kids what their favorite parts of the trip were and both brought up the Maui Ocean Center. So even if your kids are older, remember my oldest will be 17 in 2 weeks, I highly suggest an afternoon here. I say afternoon so you can watch the sharks feed and it was surprisingly dead for a Sunday afternoon with not bad weather. It was windy but the sun was still out so lots of people stuck to the beach. I’m glad we wandered and had this experience.

Cor xo

Maui Wowie: Days 7/8/9 And We Chilled Out

The day after the Road to Hana is always a rest day for us. We slept in, ate a late and lazy breakfast, and then Ry & I headed off to get some shopping done. We had family pictures scheduled for sunset and she was still looking for ‘the perfect dress’. We stopped at Starbucks so I could share with her a drink I’ve only been able to get on Maui, the Choco-Coconut Frappuccino. So delicious. Anything with coconut is good in my books. I also grabbed myself a Starbucks travel mug, as is a travel ritual for myself. We then hit up an outlet shop in Kihei where I scored a beautiful windchime & a summer dress for only $5 that I am looking forward to bringing with me to Jamaica this summer 🙂 Nothing for Ry though, so we headed into the Shops at Wailea. Very ritzy, but lucky for us we found her dress there for under $50. Had a great lunch at Cheeseburger Island Style. Ry had the BBQ Bacon burger, which was delicious, as I had a bite of it. And I had the chinese chicken salad. Again, delicious. The prices were reasonable as well.  We only ordered waters, though. Chad and Cars walked Kameole 3 in search of sea glass for our photos while we were gone.

Behold: The DressImage

While I haven’t seen all the pics from our shoot yet, here’s another sneak preview that was put on Facebook by our photographer, Amy J. Short. Image

We came back to the condo and made some Tony Roma’s ribs we picked up at Costco, with some baked potatoes and veggies. I hope they sell the Tony Roma rib pack at the Costco’s I shop at because they were so yummy, Chad grilled them to perfection and the sauce was tangy and sweet, just like at the restaurants.

The next morning, Friday, we woke up early to see clouds hanging out over Kaanapali. Ry and I had appointments at 4pm for a tattoo consult (me) and belly button piercing (her) in Lahaina, so we were planning on spending the day snorkeling Black Rock, then heading into Lahaina for the consult, dinner at Bubba Gumps, and to enjoy Art Night in Lahaina. The art studio’s often have musicians, guests of honor, and free mai tai’s or wine. We had a great time at Art Night last year so had to do it again.

Despite the fact that the clouds didn’t seem to want to disappear, we headed up to Kaanapali. We were greeted by rain on our way, but that didn’t deter us. We parked at the Sheridan, and headed to the beach. We spent about 3 hours there, Cars loved snorkeling and exploring Black Rock, and Ry got some sunshine.


Cars felt much more confident with his big pink noodle, and as a mom I loved watching him point out different fish to me in excitement. As we were coming into the shore I could hear someone yelling ‘turtle’ so I pulled him in that direction. He didn’t hear the yelling so when THE BIGGEST TURTLE EVER swam by us he was in awe. Seriously, in all of my snorkel adventures I’ve never seen one this huge. He must’ve been 500 years old. I loved sharing this experience with my boy. I took a mental picture I’ll cherish forever. We didn’t stick around long because the poor guy was being mauled. People were telling other people to touch him. We knew not to and tried to spread the word that touching the sea life is bad for them, when it’s a mob mentality people don’t listen to reason. Some did back away, but many cared more about their own needs to touch a turtle than the turtles needs to stay clear of human bacteria. Pictures here are of Cars with his noodle and Chad in the yellow snorkel set beside him.


Once we were thoroughly flithy and covered in sand, we knew it was time to leave and head into Lahaina. First I insisted we take a quick scooch up to Kapalua to see how the Honolua General Store remodel looked and just in the off chance that they finally started serving the pizza I’ve dreamed about since I had it in 2008, but went bu-bye with the ABC takeover. No my pizza was not there, but I did pick up a couple bottles of wine to bring home and Chad found some shorts he liked.

Into Lahaina we went, tattoo consult went great and I can’t wait to get it on Wednesday. Well, I’m not looking forward to the pain but it will be worth it. We wandered down Front Street and ended up at Bubba Gumps. We don’t have Bubba Gumps where we live and collect the glasses from as many as we can get to. Love their food. 2 rounds of shrimp, 3 rounds of cocktails, and a meal. And of course we also hit Ululani’s again. I went for the Coconut Lovers concoction, but still Haleakala is my fave.


If only we could have this gorgeous sunset every night.


We bought a print we both love for our master bedroom, to remind us of our Hawaiian adventures. We will canvas wrap it when we get home and smile every time we see it.

Yesterday, Saturday, was another chill day. Ry has some friends from home staying in the same condo complex, she hung out with them, and I had a nice long nap on the taco couch and so did Chad. It’s a futon that’s not quite a couch or a bed, it’s stuck in some in-between phase. Hung out at the pool for a bit, cooked up some mahi mahi for dinner, then Chad and I headed down to Moose’s after 9pm for some cheap drinks while the kids were chilling on their wifi. Made some new friends, again. I love this town. I love KiHAAAAY.

Maui Wowie Day 6…aka You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar!

Today was the day my husband had been waiting for since last year when we were here….the Road to Hana. Chad loves his twisties, when we drove this on Superbowl Sunday last year, I could see him pretending he was switching gears as though he was on his motorcycle. Me, on the other hand, well I think I used up all of my daredevil luck before I hit about 25, so I get anxious on roads like this. Last year I was pretty much freaking out the whole time. This time, I took half a xanax before the drive. And it was AMAZING. Approximately 620 curves and 59 one way bridges. It’s quite the trek.

Side note: We were thrilled to be HOME this year on Superbowl Sunday, watching the Seahawks win it all 🙂 I’m a new football fan, but I’ve always been a Seattle fan, it’s half of my hometown. I’m from Seacouver, a hybrid that lives in my head.

If you are coming to Maui, I highly recommend spending $4.99 for the Gypsy app. It is a guided tour of Maui and like having your own personal tour guide with you along every nook and cranny. We named our tour guide ‘Bra’, said surfer-style, even though he sounds like a middle aged man wearing Docker shorts & a Tommy Bahama shirt. There’s also a lady chatting away for part of the trip. You plug it into the car, every car we’ve rented in Maui has a USB attachment for your phone, just bring the cord. Hit ‘start tour’ and wherever you are, Bra will tell you interesting historical stories, facts, and directions to different popular places to see on the island. We are Canadian so data roaming is very expensive here, and I’ve left mine off on my phone and the app still works as it just follows the GPS. We find a lot of the time we are talking out loud and think ‘I wonder why blahblahblah’, and then it’s as though Bra has read our minds and says ‘Blahblahblah because blahblah’. Really, a great app. There’s even one for Vancouver. It will be interesting to see how much I don’t know about my own backyard.

The Journey:


For Christmas I asked for a gorilla tripod so I could confidently set my camera up and take pictures of all of us. Love having more family pictures. Our kids are getting old and we don’t have nearly enough. If your kids are young, start doing this more often. The timer is your friend.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

We stopped at Hamoa Beach….last year when we were here I found a ton of sea glass. We were looking forward to stocking up again. No luck. Cars found 2 sweet pieces. I found a crap ton of plastic. Stop littering, people!


My girl had me take a picture of herself with her iphone, then I took one after. On her Instagram she posted this picture with the tag #bodypositivity. She is a rock star. Image

If you’ve never driven it, the road to Hana is very narrow, and often times you have to stay hard to your side of the road to ensure there’s room for cars coming the other direction. We reached a really narrow spot with a coral fence on both sides. A couple in a black Camaro with the Go Pro hanging out were in front of us for 5-10 minutes at least.  We approached an extremely narrow part of the road with a coral fence lining both sides. Now, because we have common sense, & because we’d been listening to Bra, we knew that if someone was already in the narrow part you yield to them, and those on the right yield to those on the left because the left involves steep cliffs for much of the drive. Also, when you approach the one way part, it’s one-at-a-time, people, not every car til the one side is empty. People really need to learn vacation etiquette. It’s the same as a 4 way stop. ANYWAY. Approaching a narrower part, a grey car coming in the opposite direction was already in the narrowest part of the road. The Camaro in front of us started entering it as well…almost in the very center of the road, there was about 2′ between their car and the coral wall on the right. The grey car merged all the way over because Asshat was in the entire middle of the road, to ensure his go pro video was nice I assume. Grey car lady had a choice, smack the Camaro, or smack the wall. She chose the wall. CRUNCH. We heard it and it was loud. We stopped, drivers side doors parallel, to tell her we heard it, saw it, and make sure they were ok. She said ‘I can’t believe he didn’t even stop!’. We looked and he did stop, up the hill. So we said, don’t worry, he did, as she jumped out to check damage. She was cool with us takng off then so we did, AND SO DID HE! As soon as he saw we were driving away he drove off. We gave chase and got about 6 good pics of his license plate. When we got to our final destination, the Pipiwai Trail, they were pulled in as well. Chad wanted to go say something, but ME, I stayed more level headed and said not to, they could come kick our car or something. They’ve already proved their character. We had no way to get in touch with this lady and tell her we got his drivers license. Fingers crossed if we call in to report it, she did as well. I say he proved his character because he paused right away after the crunch sound. He heard it, paused, then drove off up the hill, and stopped again when we were stopped.

I bring you: The Douchebags! Image


We reached our final destination of Wai’anapanapa State Park, where we wanted to hike to the top of Oheo Gulch. Last year, we arrived really late for a hike we didn’t do any research on. I wasn’t in proper shoes, only flip flops. And to be honest, I was completely out of shape and scared to do it. I was still in the depths of grief as my dad passed from lung cancer one week before our trip. I was not ready to challenge myself.  I told myself, when we came back next year with our kids, we would do this trail. I would become a more active person and be able to handle it easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Did I become a more active person? Yes. Not as much as I intended to, but I’m a work in progress. I’m about 75 pounds away from where I want to be, but am trying to figure things out in my head more than anything (read Go Kaleo for more info), and the changes are happening. I can see it and others have noticed. However it’s a slow process, and a 4 mile hike round trip still seemed extremely daunting. Especially because 2 of those miles are uphill. I was not backing out now.

Off we went. We started at noon.


This was a good hike. Definitely a work out. I told Chad and the kids not to rush me, just let me do it at my own pace and I would be just fine. I’ve got the shortest legs of the group so even on flat ground I have to walk twice as fast to keep up. Not including Cars, who has all that excess energy to spare anyway.


The beginning of the bamboo forest was the last we saw of our kids until the top. We got a couple of pics and zoom they were off. And not arguing. Vacations rule.


Eventually, after an hour of awesomeness and sweat, we reached THIS:


And just behind her, was THIS: ImageImage

I’m not really a rebel, I just play one for photographs.ImageImageImageImageImage

We spent abotu 15 minutes there, enjoying the solitude, the views, and the cool. refreshing water. This area is prone to flash floods, and with all the recent rains, we didn’t stick around long nor did we swim in the pools. Dipping our feet was enough for now.

After reaching the top of that hike, I pretty much floated the whole way down. It felt like it took 15 minutes, and I was an inch off the ground the whole way.



We wanted to hit a few more stops but were all exhausted from the drive home. I told my kids I was so proud of them and Cars said back, ‘I’m really proud of myself, Mom.’ That, right there, was the best part of my day. Possibly the whole trip. The kids passed out in the backseat while we enjoyed the rest of the ride. Came home, reheated some steak, added prawns, potatoes, veggies, and then Roselani’s ice cream for dessert. This is the best ice cream on Maui.

The next day we called in to report the accident, and found out the lady had as well. Hopefully our police report helps her situation and the asshats get a ticket & have to pay for damages.

Chad and I showered and were feeling energetic so we headed to Moose’s where we found out it was $2 beers after 9pm on Wednesdays! Lucky us! We made some new friends, & walked home at midnight, happily glowing, listening to the waves and an acoustic guitarist strumming away & singing Dirty Heads.

I said I think that we can stay here,
Cause I feel our time has come.
And we can walk down to the ocean,
And sit with the rising sun.
So unpack your bags this instant,
No more running from town to town
And now that we’ve arrived so safely,
Baby you can

Lay me down…
Lay me down…
Lay me down…
Lay me down…

Maui Wowie Day 5

*Disclaimer, my son said ‘just use my regular nickname in your stories mom, people still won’t be able to google me’. He’s got a good point. Cars is what we actually call him all the time in 3dland. So ignore Wheels, he’s now Cars 🙂 I will go back and edit previous posts eventually.*

Aaah, Tuesday. What will today bring? I slept for 9 uninterrupted hours, which is highly unusual for me, a total light sleeper who’s lucky to get 6 straight hours. We were a leeetle bit crispy from the few hours on the beach yesterday, so we stayed out of the sun for the most part. We thought it would be a good day to do the road to Hana, since we wanted to stay out of direct sunlight, but the weather gods were not smiling upon us, things weren’t looking so pretty over there. So we headed up north to check out the Nakelele blow hole.

These turbines hypnotize me every time we pass them.


Of course, we played some bitchen’ tunes along the way. And we danced. Image

OK, *I* danced, these two just looked at me like ‘does she ever stop?!?!’ At least they smiled when I pulled out the camera.  The teenager usually NEVER lets me take her picture, so the face that she’s smiling for all these Hawaii pictures and not running away like I’m holding a 50′ cobra is pretty amazeballs.ImageImage

This is part of the road to get to Nakelele Blow Hole. To say I was having an anxiety attack is an understatement. I love the views and the destination, but have to remind myself over and over I’m not going to die. I was highly worried about missing the pullout and continuing on to what I affectionately call ‘The Road of Death’ up around the north side of Maui. Supposedly the best banana bread in the whole world is on that road, and I read something online lately where a family mistakenly took that road, and she’s convinced the only reason it’s the best banana bread in the world is because you feel lucky to be alive.  I believe the exact quote was ‘I have tasted death, and it tastes like banana bread’. From our experience on that road last year, I believe it. Image

Fortunately, we found the pullout just fine. 1/2 mile past mile marker 38. Maui Revealed is a pretty great app for this stuff. So is Gypsy if you want to feel like you have a tour guide with you in the car.

I don’t know Alex Vasquez, he had a short life but I hope it was full of happiness. One more person to send a flower out for. Image

I love the signs in Hawaii…for the most part, it’s not the government. It’s the locals, and they don’t mess around with their wording. YOU CAN BE SUCKED IN AND KILLED!!!  I take a sign like this a lot more seriously than a government one I saw the other day warning about slipping and falling, and the guy falling was doing jazz hands. That’s how *I* fall down but I’m not sure the rest of the world does.ImageImageImage

Looking at the steep climb down and then looking at my flip flops. I offered to stay up top and take pictures. That’s the kind of lady I am. Chad got a shot of the kids and I before they ventured down. Image

Me and my high anxiety warned them over and over about getting too close. So many have died here, sucked right in not realizing the power of the ocean. Last year when we were here, Chad danced around a blow hole over on the road to Hana. We had no idea until we got home how dangerous they were. Lucky bastard, he is. ImageImage

When they turned around, my heartbeat regulated again. We headed down to Honolua to see some surfers in action. The scenery up there is gorg-eous! My favorite, favorite thing in the whole world to see is viewpoints from up high. Funny for someone so afraid of heights. But when I can see for miles, I am a happy woman. This is why we bought our house. We have an amazing view of Mount Baker, which is in WA state, and we are in BC. ‘I like to get high, man’. ImageImage

The ‘flecks of dirt’ behind Chad are surfers waiting to catch their next wave. Image

When we were about to get into the car Cars noticed a ladybug was on him, a sign of luck and prosperity. So we took a quick photo. Then Chad said….’wait a minute, I think that’s a tick!’ Blech! Flicked it off and got the hell out of there. As Canadians the last thing we want to deal with is the US medical system, even if we do have insurance here. Image

We continued on our adventure and headed into Honolua Bay instead of watching it from above. We came here last year to snorkel but were freaked out by the difficult entry, it’s so rocky we actually weren’t even sure we had the right place, so we just enjoyed the walk through the jungle to get there. This is one of the views looking up the coast while driving south.Image

If you were a LOST fan like me, I was waiting for a polar bear to come barreling around the corner anytime. Fortunately that didn’t happen. We love this area. Cars was excited about all the chickens. I didn’t get any decent shots of them, though. They run around here like a bunch of wild hens. HA! There are roosters as well. ImageImageImage

Ry is doing a math project where she has to find as many angles as she can, photograph them, and measure them. Spiderwebs do come in handy for something.  Not much else but math projects!  (Yeah, yeah, I know I know they kill bugs. Still…SPIDERS!)ImageImage

At the end of the trail there is an older gentleman who owns the land. Him and his family live in tents there. There houses were washed away by a tsunami in the 60’s and they were supposed to start rebuilding this January (unsure what they’ve been doing for the last 50 years….) but the waters were too high. Hopefully next time we make it down he has a home. He reminds everyone no sunscreen/etc on when you go in as it’s bad for the coral. If he sees you with alcohol, he just says ‘wrap it up’ so the cops don’t see. His son carves totem poles and was 18. He told Ry to come back in a couple of years. And yes, he got down a coconut for Cars who was excited, this was ‘the best coconut yet!’  I’ve always wanted to snorkel here but haven’t yet, with the rocky entry, and lack of tanning spots for Ry, it will have to be on my Maui bucket list for now.ImageRy possibly meeting her future Hawaiian husband.

Image Cars said this was THE BEST COCONUT EVER, MOM! Much sweeter. Still, it’s not pina coladas, so I just let the water hit my tongue.

After our long day driving and exploring up north, we decided it was time to watch another killer sunset from Kameole 3. Stunning. STUNNING. ImageImage

There was even a turtle there. He came to say hi to me because he knows I’m one of his peeps. #turtleloveImageImageImage

After yet another glorious sunset, we headed to the pool, Cars had a swim and Chad started grilling up the Maui rib eye’s we’d been marinating in worcestershire for 3 days. He’s still trying to master this whole grilling thing, but even with our Chicago style steaks, it was best beef I’ve ever eaten in my life. All grown here, no hormones, they don’t fatten them up to slaughter earlier than normal. This is what a cow is supposed to taste like. At home I’m going to start looking for beef grown this way as the taste difference is incredible. We eat Alberta beef quite often at home and as Chad said ‘Maui beef kicks it’s ass!’ He is correct, never have I had such amazing flavor. And we eat a lot of steak. Image

We called it an early night because the next day we were waking up early to hit up the road to Hana. Wait till I tell you about my awesome day there. I’m still floating.

As I finish writing this post about Tuesday, it’s Thursday morning. This time next week we’ll be on our way home. I am going to try to savor ever last minute here.

Cor xo