‘Sup Black Friday

Where have you been all my li-i-i-i-i-ife?

The best of intentions…why do I even keep this thing and do this to myself?

This month has been insanely busy…as much as I hate it when people (myself included) make excuses for not doing something because they’ve been ‘busy’. Hey, we’re all ‘busy’. We all have these things called ‘lives’.  The truth is, if we wanted to do something, we’d make it a priority, no matter how busy.

Apparently, I don’t want to do myself, because I haven’t been a priority in my life. Ha!

So, it’s Black Friday. For a lot of my adult life, at this time every year I’m at all the stores getting all the deals. It’s tradition with me, my mom, and my sister Sara. In the last few years Allie started coming, and then Ry even got in on it two years ago. All the shopping, all the memories, over.

Man those were some great times, and good deals. I’d come home with a carful, almost completely done my Christmas shopping, each year thinking; ‘Next year, I’m going to be done Christmas shopping so I can spend Black Friday shopping for the house and for clothes.’ That never happened.

Last year, I began my Black Friday boycott. As usual, I pulled the kids out of school on Thursday and Friday, and we drove the 3 hours to Moms.  There was an excellent Black Friday deal I really wanted to take advantage of, a TV, mom wanted Xbox’s for the grandsons, but all the deals involved going out to shop at 8pm on Thanksgiving. 8pm. At the same time, my dad was sick, very sick, and would be dead in 2 months. Fuck the TV. Fuck the Xbox. I was not going out and losing this last Thanksgiving for a good deal on a TV.

So we stayed in, we ate, we laughed, we missed all the deals. Till we went out the next day, and all the same deals were still there. Booyah. Thanksgiving, for the win. Oh, and the night before? Someone got stabbed and 2 people were hit by cars at Walmart. For TV’s and Xboxes. What the hell, people?!

This year, I didn’t even go home.

My sister moved to Missouri and cooked her first turkey. (My recipe)

Allie stayed home, cooked her first turkey and had to work at 9pm on Thanksgiving. (Assholes). (My recipe).

My moms surrounded by her friends.

My dads dead.

And I’m watching the news, and Target is empty in Bellingham, WA.  Did the stores earn more $$? Or did they just push the sales ahead by 12 hours and ruin Thanksgiving at the same time?

Canadians are finally getting in on the Black Friday event here at home. There’s some major sales going on at the mall today here at home. Some stores even started their sales yesterday. Which is fine, this isn’t a holiday here!  I’ve always felt it was silly to have our big sale day as Boxing Day…yeah as a kid it’s nice to do some shopping with your Christmas cash, but as someone who makes Christmas happen, it’s nice to have the sales a month out.

Looks like I’ll be able to continue my Black Friday tradition here, on Fridays, and without the giant Turkey coma.