Maui Wowie Days 3 & 4

On Sunday, March 16, we woke up to more grey skies. There is a severe weather warning March 14-16 so at least it was the last day. After some bacon and eggs we decided to head up north to Lahaina. We wanted to check out the new outlet mall and grab some clothes as we have family pics scheduled for Thursday and aren’t satisfied with our current outfits. OK I’m not satisfied, no one else really cares ๐Ÿ˜‰ No, we won’t be wearing matching Hawaiian outfits.

We loaded up and drove up north and what do we see? Gorgeous weather! Calm beaches along the road all the way into Lahaina. Screw shopping, we wanted to go to the beach. We left all of our beach stuff, swimsuits, snorkel gear, water, at the condo. Lesson learned…our beach bag is our new American Express. Don’t leave home without it.

We went to the new outlet mall and were less than impressed. The prices were not outlet prices and half the place is empty of stores. We spent $60 at ABC and left. I know some don’t like them, but they float my boat for cheap, touristy crap. I’ve been telling my kids about shave ice for a few years now so we went to Ululani’s and they lost their shave ice virginity. Chad had vanilla ice cream with coke flavoring, Ry had Tigers Blood concoction, Wheels went for a coke/rootbeer blend, and I had my absolute favorite, the Haleakala with mac nut ice cream. So damn good. I really should have played with my Snoopy Snow Cone maker more as a kid.


Once we made it back, my honey and I need an hour, Happy Hour! So we ditched the kids and headed up to Moose’s for some nachos and cocktails. We met some great people there. First a couple who just got engaged. He is from Australia and they live on Vancouver Island. He asked if I knew anyone who had died of cancer, and I replied my dad died last year and I had a piece of him with me in my purse right now. He lost his daughter to brain cancer and there were 43 of them there to spread her ashes. I told him I’d put a flower in the water for his daughter. These things don’t mean much to other people, but when I’m home and hear of a death of someone close or someone close to someone I love, I light a candle for them. It’s what I do. In Hawaii, I send them flowers on the water. So I’ll be doing that this trip for my dad and for Gary’s daughter. Fuck Cancer.

Chad was wearing his Seahawks shirt so we struck up another convo with some people from Kirkland, WA, right where my dad grew up. She graduated in ’74 from the same high school, same year as him although his name didn’t ring a bell. Although she knew where Taco Mama’s was (where he worked in high school) and DJ’s Record Store, where he managed after. I told her his funeral was at the Wild Rover and she about keeled over. She thought that was pretty cool, a funeral in a bar. That’s the kind of bitchen dude my dad was. He was raised Catholic but wanted nothing to do with it upon his adult life and eventual death. Bars and beers, that’s how we roll in our family.

I had two Cadillac margarita’s and a Bahama Mama sans grenadine because that’s how I roll. Nothing too sweet for me, thanks.


After we caught a light buzz, we walked to Kam3 to watch the sunset. It was gorgeous.


At the beach there was this rock star of a woman, scaling coconut tree’s in her bikini and chopping down coconuts. Wheels has been so excited about trying a real, live coconut. He has brought it up at least a dozen times each day we’ve been here thus far. So to say he was excited when we walked in the door with one is an understatement. Although you can’t tell in this picture, he was jumping up and down ecstatic. Get the camera out and he calms right down so I don’t capture the moment. Kids!


Taking his first sip….


I love his eyes here…a little bewildered at what’s touching his tongue.

ย Image

What really surprised me, is that Ry was willing to take a sip. She’s my more adventurous eater of the two, but something straight off a tree without being washed and who knows what’s inside? This was right out of her comfort zone. But she took one for the team.


Nope, didn’t like it.


I tasted it as well, but as the photographer there’s rarely pictures of me. It wasn’t quite ripe so the juice was somewhat dry, like how you smack your tongue to the roof of your mouth after a dry wine. And it wasn’t cold. I prefer my drinks cold unless it’s coffee/tea or water.

We finished the evening with leftovers for dinner & 3 rounds of Bullshit. I used to play this with my grandpa all the time, and felt like he was there with us. It was Bullshit for 3, Bullcrap for 1. Everyone won a round but me. Guess I’m the worst Bullshitter of the group. This is a little scary for me. Oh and what’s on tv in the background? Ridiculousness. Chad and Wheels have become addicted to this show on this trip.

Try to get a nice picture but….


Before we went to bed that night we had the beach and snorkel stuff packed and ready to go. If the weather was crap here on St. Patricks Day, we were driving elsewhere. ย Fortunately we woke up to blue skies and decided we were going to stay put for the day. We bought this wicked cooler at Costco. It’s soft sided and very large and has a hard table top. We are so packing it up and bringing it home, I see it coming in handy many times in the future. Today was it’s inauguration.

We headed across the street to Kam3 where someone was trimming the coconut trees. We set our things down and Wheels ran up to watch them trim the tree. He was more than ecstatic to get yet another coconut sliced open from a gentleman kind enough to pass him one.


The sipping party began. Why can’t these just be filled with Pina Colada’s? I’d learn to scale the damn tree myself!


We bought some US divers snorkel sets on Amazon for Chad and I, and brought our old snorkel equipment for the kids. If they loved snorkeling, we’d get them a good set. These are my bright pink flippers. I love them because they are bright pink, and because they are short. I’m a walking clutz so the longer ones scared me a little. Chad’s were bright yellow. He was a little perturbed at my color choices however I wanted to be able to see each other easily when we were out there.


Wheels, who was so excited to finally snorkel, and I headed out. Chad got a little ahead of him self and just dove in and swam to snorkel, while I worked with my boy to get him comfortable. We did good for about 10 minutes in shallower water. Then the current brought us over on top of the coral, and suddenly we were both having mask problems. I was trying to get to a spot to where I could stand but it was all coral. If you touch the coral it dies so I was starting to panick and getting slammed up against it over and over again while trying to hold Wheels just up in the water. He was doing ok but we weren’t going to last much longer. Chad ended up floating right by and I got his attention and he grabbed the boy and got him to shore. When I got out of the water I saw how beaten up my legs were. I also had a pain in my butt and in my finger, it looked like little slivers but in our expertise we determined it must be a sea urchin sting. I posted on facebook and got many recommendations to pee on it to take away the pain. I was stone cold sober so that wasn’t happening, and it wasn’t painful, just swollen. Fortunately the slivers worked their way out and my butt is just fine but my middle finger is still pretty swollen, so if someone pisses me off, they are going to really be able to tell when I’m flipping them off ๐Ÿ˜‰


Last year when Chad and I came, I bought a pool noodle to snorkel with. I’m a decent swimmer but I wanted to be able to just relax and not worry about exhausting myself. He laughed and laughed at me. But as we were snorkeling at Black Rock, guess who was exhausted after 20 minutes and wanted to hold onto my noodle?! ย The wife is right 99% of the time ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think in advance, he thinks in the moment. After our little snorkel adventure I decided no more until I got a pool noodle for myself and for Wheels, so that’s on the agenda today.

After the sea urchin attack we stuck to the beach, I caught a nap and a burnt back, my boy built sandcastles, and my daughter was just happy to catch some rays. Chad did some beach walking and tanning as well.


My Little Green Man loves to travel. Every now and then I catch him stowing away in my travel gear. He was the king of the castle.

In 2009 my mom and I went to Disneyland and I bought a Little Green Man to take a picture of everywhere I would’ve taken a shot with my kids, and he’s just stuck around ever since. LGM has travelled the world.




Chad and Wheels walked over to the reef and found some cool tidal pools with little fishies. ย I forgot to mention when Wheels and I were snorkeling we found TURTLES and were super excited. I’ve been a turtle lover my whole life, but please don’t buy me turtle salt and pepper shakers or anything like that, once my house was filled with turtles thanks to my kind friends and so I stifled my turtle love for a few years to avoid becoming the crazy turtle lady. My turtle love is back, and when we get into our new house this year, the entire backyard will be done up Aloha style with turtles galore ๐Ÿ™‚ I can be an outdoors crazy turtle lady, indoors not so much ๐Ÿ™‚


After a couple of hours we had enough of the sun and went to the craft fair up the road. Our kids really wanted Shamrock Shakes since it was St. Patricks Day and apparently the McDonald’s here does them better than in Canada. They were right, it was all fancy with whipped cream and a cherry on top. They were happy. I found this sign at the craft fair and am kicking myself for not buying it. It belongs in my backyard. Who needs crackers, anyway?


We headed back to the condo and did a little swimming at the pool while Chad made up one of his famous footballs for dinner, then I came in and cooked up some Teriyaki chicken from Costco for the side. Really great chicken and easy to cook in 15 minutes if you’re looking for a good, easy meal from Costco.


No Bullshit tonight, we were exhausted. All in bed by 9pm, and I even slept til 6am. That’s 9 uninterrupted hours for me, a rarity. Usually I’m up after 5 because of my crappy sleeping skillz. Today the sun is shining and it’s going to be a good day! We are going to find some good fitting snorkel gear for Carson and shirts for us to wear in the water as we are pretty red. Maybe hit the Maui Ocean Center. The day is young! Only time will tell ๐Ÿ™‚


Cor xo


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