Maui Wowie Day 5

*Disclaimer, my son said ‘just use my regular nickname in your stories mom, people still won’t be able to google me’. He’s got a good point. Cars is what we actually call him all the time in 3dland. So ignore Wheels, he’s now Cars 🙂 I will go back and edit previous posts eventually.*

Aaah, Tuesday. What will today bring? I slept for 9 uninterrupted hours, which is highly unusual for me, a total light sleeper who’s lucky to get 6 straight hours. We were a leeetle bit crispy from the few hours on the beach yesterday, so we stayed out of the sun for the most part. We thought it would be a good day to do the road to Hana, since we wanted to stay out of direct sunlight, but the weather gods were not smiling upon us, things weren’t looking so pretty over there. So we headed up north to check out the Nakelele blow hole.

These turbines hypnotize me every time we pass them.


Of course, we played some bitchen’ tunes along the way. And we danced. Image

OK, *I* danced, these two just looked at me like ‘does she ever stop?!?!’ At least they smiled when I pulled out the camera.  The teenager usually NEVER lets me take her picture, so the face that she’s smiling for all these Hawaii pictures and not running away like I’m holding a 50′ cobra is pretty amazeballs.ImageImage

This is part of the road to get to Nakelele Blow Hole. To say I was having an anxiety attack is an understatement. I love the views and the destination, but have to remind myself over and over I’m not going to die. I was highly worried about missing the pullout and continuing on to what I affectionately call ‘The Road of Death’ up around the north side of Maui. Supposedly the best banana bread in the whole world is on that road, and I read something online lately where a family mistakenly took that road, and she’s convinced the only reason it’s the best banana bread in the world is because you feel lucky to be alive.  I believe the exact quote was ‘I have tasted death, and it tastes like banana bread’. From our experience on that road last year, I believe it. Image

Fortunately, we found the pullout just fine. 1/2 mile past mile marker 38. Maui Revealed is a pretty great app for this stuff. So is Gypsy if you want to feel like you have a tour guide with you in the car.

I don’t know Alex Vasquez, he had a short life but I hope it was full of happiness. One more person to send a flower out for. Image

I love the signs in Hawaii…for the most part, it’s not the government. It’s the locals, and they don’t mess around with their wording. YOU CAN BE SUCKED IN AND KILLED!!!  I take a sign like this a lot more seriously than a government one I saw the other day warning about slipping and falling, and the guy falling was doing jazz hands. That’s how *I* fall down but I’m not sure the rest of the world does.ImageImageImage

Looking at the steep climb down and then looking at my flip flops. I offered to stay up top and take pictures. That’s the kind of lady I am. Chad got a shot of the kids and I before they ventured down. Image

Me and my high anxiety warned them over and over about getting too close. So many have died here, sucked right in not realizing the power of the ocean. Last year when we were here, Chad danced around a blow hole over on the road to Hana. We had no idea until we got home how dangerous they were. Lucky bastard, he is. ImageImage

When they turned around, my heartbeat regulated again. We headed down to Honolua to see some surfers in action. The scenery up there is gorg-eous! My favorite, favorite thing in the whole world to see is viewpoints from up high. Funny for someone so afraid of heights. But when I can see for miles, I am a happy woman. This is why we bought our house. We have an amazing view of Mount Baker, which is in WA state, and we are in BC. ‘I like to get high, man’. ImageImage

The ‘flecks of dirt’ behind Chad are surfers waiting to catch their next wave. Image

When we were about to get into the car Cars noticed a ladybug was on him, a sign of luck and prosperity. So we took a quick photo. Then Chad said….’wait a minute, I think that’s a tick!’ Blech! Flicked it off and got the hell out of there. As Canadians the last thing we want to deal with is the US medical system, even if we do have insurance here. Image

We continued on our adventure and headed into Honolua Bay instead of watching it from above. We came here last year to snorkel but were freaked out by the difficult entry, it’s so rocky we actually weren’t even sure we had the right place, so we just enjoyed the walk through the jungle to get there. This is one of the views looking up the coast while driving south.Image

If you were a LOST fan like me, I was waiting for a polar bear to come barreling around the corner anytime. Fortunately that didn’t happen. We love this area. Cars was excited about all the chickens. I didn’t get any decent shots of them, though. They run around here like a bunch of wild hens. HA! There are roosters as well. ImageImageImage

Ry is doing a math project where she has to find as many angles as she can, photograph them, and measure them. Spiderwebs do come in handy for something.  Not much else but math projects!  (Yeah, yeah, I know I know they kill bugs. Still…SPIDERS!)ImageImage

At the end of the trail there is an older gentleman who owns the land. Him and his family live in tents there. There houses were washed away by a tsunami in the 60’s and they were supposed to start rebuilding this January (unsure what they’ve been doing for the last 50 years….) but the waters were too high. Hopefully next time we make it down he has a home. He reminds everyone no sunscreen/etc on when you go in as it’s bad for the coral. If he sees you with alcohol, he just says ‘wrap it up’ so the cops don’t see. His son carves totem poles and was 18. He told Ry to come back in a couple of years. And yes, he got down a coconut for Cars who was excited, this was ‘the best coconut yet!’  I’ve always wanted to snorkel here but haven’t yet, with the rocky entry, and lack of tanning spots for Ry, it will have to be on my Maui bucket list for now.ImageRy possibly meeting her future Hawaiian husband.

Image Cars said this was THE BEST COCONUT EVER, MOM! Much sweeter. Still, it’s not pina coladas, so I just let the water hit my tongue.

After our long day driving and exploring up north, we decided it was time to watch another killer sunset from Kameole 3. Stunning. STUNNING. ImageImage

There was even a turtle there. He came to say hi to me because he knows I’m one of his peeps. #turtleloveImageImageImage

After yet another glorious sunset, we headed to the pool, Cars had a swim and Chad started grilling up the Maui rib eye’s we’d been marinating in worcestershire for 3 days. He’s still trying to master this whole grilling thing, but even with our Chicago style steaks, it was best beef I’ve ever eaten in my life. All grown here, no hormones, they don’t fatten them up to slaughter earlier than normal. This is what a cow is supposed to taste like. At home I’m going to start looking for beef grown this way as the taste difference is incredible. We eat Alberta beef quite often at home and as Chad said ‘Maui beef kicks it’s ass!’ He is correct, never have I had such amazing flavor. And we eat a lot of steak. Image

We called it an early night because the next day we were waking up early to hit up the road to Hana. Wait till I tell you about my awesome day there. I’m still floating.

As I finish writing this post about Tuesday, it’s Thursday morning. This time next week we’ll be on our way home. I am going to try to savor ever last minute here.

Cor xo


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