Maui Wowie Day 6…aka You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar!

Today was the day my husband had been waiting for since last year when we were here….the Road to Hana. Chad loves his twisties, when we drove this on Superbowl Sunday last year, I could see him pretending he was switching gears as though he was on his motorcycle. Me, on the other hand, well I think I used up all of my daredevil luck before I hit about 25, so I get anxious on roads like this. Last year I was pretty much freaking out the whole time. This time, I took half a xanax before the drive. And it was AMAZING. Approximately 620 curves and 59 one way bridges. It’s quite the trek.

Side note: We were thrilled to be HOME this year on Superbowl Sunday, watching the Seahawks win it all 🙂 I’m a new football fan, but I’ve always been a Seattle fan, it’s half of my hometown. I’m from Seacouver, a hybrid that lives in my head.

If you are coming to Maui, I highly recommend spending $4.99 for the Gypsy app. It is a guided tour of Maui and like having your own personal tour guide with you along every nook and cranny. We named our tour guide ‘Bra’, said surfer-style, even though he sounds like a middle aged man wearing Docker shorts & a Tommy Bahama shirt. There’s also a lady chatting away for part of the trip. You plug it into the car, every car we’ve rented in Maui has a USB attachment for your phone, just bring the cord. Hit ‘start tour’ and wherever you are, Bra will tell you interesting historical stories, facts, and directions to different popular places to see on the island. We are Canadian so data roaming is very expensive here, and I’ve left mine off on my phone and the app still works as it just follows the GPS. We find a lot of the time we are talking out loud and think ‘I wonder why blahblahblah’, and then it’s as though Bra has read our minds and says ‘Blahblahblah because blahblah’. Really, a great app. There’s even one for Vancouver. It will be interesting to see how much I don’t know about my own backyard.

The Journey:


For Christmas I asked for a gorilla tripod so I could confidently set my camera up and take pictures of all of us. Love having more family pictures. Our kids are getting old and we don’t have nearly enough. If your kids are young, start doing this more often. The timer is your friend.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

We stopped at Hamoa Beach….last year when we were here I found a ton of sea glass. We were looking forward to stocking up again. No luck. Cars found 2 sweet pieces. I found a crap ton of plastic. Stop littering, people!


My girl had me take a picture of herself with her iphone, then I took one after. On her Instagram she posted this picture with the tag #bodypositivity. She is a rock star. Image

If you’ve never driven it, the road to Hana is very narrow, and often times you have to stay hard to your side of the road to ensure there’s room for cars coming the other direction. We reached a really narrow spot with a coral fence on both sides. A couple in a black Camaro with the Go Pro hanging out were in front of us for 5-10 minutes at least.  We approached an extremely narrow part of the road with a coral fence lining both sides. Now, because we have common sense, & because we’d been listening to Bra, we knew that if someone was already in the narrow part you yield to them, and those on the right yield to those on the left because the left involves steep cliffs for much of the drive. Also, when you approach the one way part, it’s one-at-a-time, people, not every car til the one side is empty. People really need to learn vacation etiquette. It’s the same as a 4 way stop. ANYWAY. Approaching a narrower part, a grey car coming in the opposite direction was already in the narrowest part of the road. The Camaro in front of us started entering it as well…almost in the very center of the road, there was about 2′ between their car and the coral wall on the right. The grey car merged all the way over because Asshat was in the entire middle of the road, to ensure his go pro video was nice I assume. Grey car lady had a choice, smack the Camaro, or smack the wall. She chose the wall. CRUNCH. We heard it and it was loud. We stopped, drivers side doors parallel, to tell her we heard it, saw it, and make sure they were ok. She said ‘I can’t believe he didn’t even stop!’. We looked and he did stop, up the hill. So we said, don’t worry, he did, as she jumped out to check damage. She was cool with us takng off then so we did, AND SO DID HE! As soon as he saw we were driving away he drove off. We gave chase and got about 6 good pics of his license plate. When we got to our final destination, the Pipiwai Trail, they were pulled in as well. Chad wanted to go say something, but ME, I stayed more level headed and said not to, they could come kick our car or something. They’ve already proved their character. We had no way to get in touch with this lady and tell her we got his drivers license. Fingers crossed if we call in to report it, she did as well. I say he proved his character because he paused right away after the crunch sound. He heard it, paused, then drove off up the hill, and stopped again when we were stopped.

I bring you: The Douchebags! Image


We reached our final destination of Wai’anapanapa State Park, where we wanted to hike to the top of Oheo Gulch. Last year, we arrived really late for a hike we didn’t do any research on. I wasn’t in proper shoes, only flip flops. And to be honest, I was completely out of shape and scared to do it. I was still in the depths of grief as my dad passed from lung cancer one week before our trip. I was not ready to challenge myself.  I told myself, when we came back next year with our kids, we would do this trail. I would become a more active person and be able to handle it easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Did I become a more active person? Yes. Not as much as I intended to, but I’m a work in progress. I’m about 75 pounds away from where I want to be, but am trying to figure things out in my head more than anything (read Go Kaleo for more info), and the changes are happening. I can see it and others have noticed. However it’s a slow process, and a 4 mile hike round trip still seemed extremely daunting. Especially because 2 of those miles are uphill. I was not backing out now.

Off we went. We started at noon.


This was a good hike. Definitely a work out. I told Chad and the kids not to rush me, just let me do it at my own pace and I would be just fine. I’ve got the shortest legs of the group so even on flat ground I have to walk twice as fast to keep up. Not including Cars, who has all that excess energy to spare anyway.


The beginning of the bamboo forest was the last we saw of our kids until the top. We got a couple of pics and zoom they were off. And not arguing. Vacations rule.


Eventually, after an hour of awesomeness and sweat, we reached THIS:


And just behind her, was THIS: ImageImage

I’m not really a rebel, I just play one for photographs.ImageImageImageImageImage

We spent abotu 15 minutes there, enjoying the solitude, the views, and the cool. refreshing water. This area is prone to flash floods, and with all the recent rains, we didn’t stick around long nor did we swim in the pools. Dipping our feet was enough for now.

After reaching the top of that hike, I pretty much floated the whole way down. It felt like it took 15 minutes, and I was an inch off the ground the whole way.



We wanted to hit a few more stops but were all exhausted from the drive home. I told my kids I was so proud of them and Cars said back, ‘I’m really proud of myself, Mom.’ That, right there, was the best part of my day. Possibly the whole trip. The kids passed out in the backseat while we enjoyed the rest of the ride. Came home, reheated some steak, added prawns, potatoes, veggies, and then Roselani’s ice cream for dessert. This is the best ice cream on Maui.

The next day we called in to report the accident, and found out the lady had as well. Hopefully our police report helps her situation and the asshats get a ticket & have to pay for damages.

Chad and I showered and were feeling energetic so we headed to Moose’s where we found out it was $2 beers after 9pm on Wednesdays! Lucky us! We made some new friends, & walked home at midnight, happily glowing, listening to the waves and an acoustic guitarist strumming away & singing Dirty Heads.

I said I think that we can stay here,
Cause I feel our time has come.
And we can walk down to the ocean,
And sit with the rising sun.
So unpack your bags this instant,
No more running from town to town
And now that we’ve arrived so safely,
Baby you can

Lay me down…
Lay me down…
Lay me down…
Lay me down…


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