Maui Wowie: Days 7/8/9 And We Chilled Out

The day after the Road to Hana is always a rest day for us. We slept in, ate a late and lazy breakfast, and then Ry & I headed off to get some shopping done. We had family pictures scheduled for sunset and she was still looking for ‘the perfect dress’. We stopped at Starbucks so I could share with her a drink I’ve only been able to get on Maui, the Choco-Coconut Frappuccino. So delicious. Anything with coconut is good in my books. I also grabbed myself a Starbucks travel mug, as is a travel ritual for myself. We then hit up an outlet shop in Kihei where I scored a beautiful windchime & a summer dress for only $5 that I am looking forward to bringing with me to Jamaica this summer 🙂 Nothing for Ry though, so we headed into the Shops at Wailea. Very ritzy, but lucky for us we found her dress there for under $50. Had a great lunch at Cheeseburger Island Style. Ry had the BBQ Bacon burger, which was delicious, as I had a bite of it. And I had the chinese chicken salad. Again, delicious. The prices were reasonable as well.  We only ordered waters, though. Chad and Cars walked Kameole 3 in search of sea glass for our photos while we were gone.

Behold: The DressImage

While I haven’t seen all the pics from our shoot yet, here’s another sneak preview that was put on Facebook by our photographer, Amy J. Short. Image

We came back to the condo and made some Tony Roma’s ribs we picked up at Costco, with some baked potatoes and veggies. I hope they sell the Tony Roma rib pack at the Costco’s I shop at because they were so yummy, Chad grilled them to perfection and the sauce was tangy and sweet, just like at the restaurants.

The next morning, Friday, we woke up early to see clouds hanging out over Kaanapali. Ry and I had appointments at 4pm for a tattoo consult (me) and belly button piercing (her) in Lahaina, so we were planning on spending the day snorkeling Black Rock, then heading into Lahaina for the consult, dinner at Bubba Gumps, and to enjoy Art Night in Lahaina. The art studio’s often have musicians, guests of honor, and free mai tai’s or wine. We had a great time at Art Night last year so had to do it again.

Despite the fact that the clouds didn’t seem to want to disappear, we headed up to Kaanapali. We were greeted by rain on our way, but that didn’t deter us. We parked at the Sheridan, and headed to the beach. We spent about 3 hours there, Cars loved snorkeling and exploring Black Rock, and Ry got some sunshine.


Cars felt much more confident with his big pink noodle, and as a mom I loved watching him point out different fish to me in excitement. As we were coming into the shore I could hear someone yelling ‘turtle’ so I pulled him in that direction. He didn’t hear the yelling so when THE BIGGEST TURTLE EVER swam by us he was in awe. Seriously, in all of my snorkel adventures I’ve never seen one this huge. He must’ve been 500 years old. I loved sharing this experience with my boy. I took a mental picture I’ll cherish forever. We didn’t stick around long because the poor guy was being mauled. People were telling other people to touch him. We knew not to and tried to spread the word that touching the sea life is bad for them, when it’s a mob mentality people don’t listen to reason. Some did back away, but many cared more about their own needs to touch a turtle than the turtles needs to stay clear of human bacteria. Pictures here are of Cars with his noodle and Chad in the yellow snorkel set beside him.


Once we were thoroughly flithy and covered in sand, we knew it was time to leave and head into Lahaina. First I insisted we take a quick scooch up to Kapalua to see how the Honolua General Store remodel looked and just in the off chance that they finally started serving the pizza I’ve dreamed about since I had it in 2008, but went bu-bye with the ABC takeover. No my pizza was not there, but I did pick up a couple bottles of wine to bring home and Chad found some shorts he liked.

Into Lahaina we went, tattoo consult went great and I can’t wait to get it on Wednesday. Well, I’m not looking forward to the pain but it will be worth it. We wandered down Front Street and ended up at Bubba Gumps. We don’t have Bubba Gumps where we live and collect the glasses from as many as we can get to. Love their food. 2 rounds of shrimp, 3 rounds of cocktails, and a meal. And of course we also hit Ululani’s again. I went for the Coconut Lovers concoction, but still Haleakala is my fave.


If only we could have this gorgeous sunset every night.


We bought a print we both love for our master bedroom, to remind us of our Hawaiian adventures. We will canvas wrap it when we get home and smile every time we see it.

Yesterday, Saturday, was another chill day. Ry has some friends from home staying in the same condo complex, she hung out with them, and I had a nice long nap on the taco couch and so did Chad. It’s a futon that’s not quite a couch or a bed, it’s stuck in some in-between phase. Hung out at the pool for a bit, cooked up some mahi mahi for dinner, then Chad and I headed down to Moose’s after 9pm for some cheap drinks while the kids were chilling on their wifi. Made some new friends, again. I love this town. I love KiHAAAAY.


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