Maui Wowie Day 11: Beauty & the Feast

Today, we looked out our windows and saw nice calm waters, the perfect day to get to the beach. We snorkeled for a long time, Chad has the Go Pro thing figured out, and once I get the videos on youtube I’ll share it here, as well as the pictures of him trying to figure out the Go Pro.

Ry got in some quality sunshine and Cars finally got to test out  his new boogie board. ImageImageImage

I got to be artsy with my feet while playing with my zoom lens, which I appreciated since I can stand back and not worry about the lens getting wet. This isn’t something I have to worry about usually, since this camera & lens is typically used for work, basically so I can take pictures of things and stay back behind the crowd instead of right in it. Image

After the wind picked up we spent some time at the pool, or ‘Little Canada’ as we started calling it, since that’s where we always met mostly Canadians. I drank one of these, and I was so bummed I only had one because OMDELICIOUS!!! I had a Cherry Limeade one as well, which wasn’t as good. Mango Daiquiri all the way! I’ll be looking to bring these across the border into Big Canada. We need them. Like, bad.parrotbay

Monday night we had reservations at the Honolua Luau at the Grand Wailea. I was a little bit sad, knowing that when I booked this luau, it would be almost the very end of our trip, the next day being our last full day. That said, we enjoyed the moment many times over and made lots of great memories. ImageImageImage

It was a little windy, but it looks worse here than it actually was. It was actually the perfect night for a luau, not too hot, not too windy. I’ve heard a lot about the grounds of the Grand Wailea, and while it was beautiful, don’t get me wrong, sometimes the hype is a little too much. Of course, I’d never turn down a chance to stay here, either. It’s a tad rich for our blood, but you never know when a wicked deal will fall in your lap.Image

This picture is from my Instagram (orallyCoralie). The description read: Ry & I got lei’d! The look in Chads eyes when she ran up to him and said “Daddy I got lei’d” was worth the $15.


As a sidenote, I’ve stared at this picture for hours. My daughter is a gorgeous young woman. Look at her!

We sat and enjoyed some free drinks, while the kids enjoyed all the free pop in the world. ImageImageImage

Ry enjoyed a little more than free pop, when she got served a non-Virgin pina colada. She didn’t ask for one with alcohol, or without, she just assumed because it was her third one she didn’t have to specify anymore. Apparently you do because they gave her one with a huge amount of rum in it. I didn’t mind if she drank it, she’ll be 17 in 2 weeks, legal drinking age here is 19, I expect her to have *a drink* here and there to learn to work it into her life. However this had so much rum she couldn’t stand it, and only sipped down to the bottom of the rim, about an inch from the top. Then she clarified NON VIRGIN, which is awkward enough to shout out in a public place. ImageImageImage

The sunset was AMAZING. Probably the best of our entire trip. This is what makes me want to spend a night by this beach.ImageImageImage

This is the third luau I’ve attended on Maui and I have to give credit where it’s due, this is probably the best luau I’ve ever attended. My first was up in Kaanapali at the Hyatt I believe. Last year Chad and I went for tradition and went to the Old Lahaina Luau, which was great, except the show wasn’t as funny as the show at the Grand Wailea. A good laugh will land me for sure, and the emcee here had us rolling.  The food was on par with OLL, and I don’t remember the food at the first luau. I do remember the drinks, though 😉  At OLL our drinks were very watered down. Not here at the GW! I was nice and toasty when we left 🙂

One more thing I have to give props to the Grand Wailea for…when we went to the front to ask for a taxi back to our condo, they sent their van for us free of charge. Our condo wasn’t far from there, being on the Kihei/Wailea border, and there was us 4 and another 4, but the other 4 chose to take a cab, probably because we couldn’t stop staring at one girls boobies earlier in the day. And that’s a whole other blog post.

Cor xo


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