Hi 5 Friday Volume 1

Something new I’m trying…in an effort to remember the awesome little things that might slip by…

1. In prepping our first home to be sold, we’ve been finishing up on a lot of things we ‘meant to do’ in the past 6 years of living here. I can’t even tell you how much I love my master ensuite now, even if it is just a two piece. It was 80’s dusty rose, ceiling included only a darker shade. Somehow it didn’t make the cut to get painted earlier and it was painted about 4 months ago, and a couple of weeks ago I finally painted the ceiling white. Going pee is almost a joy now! It’s much calmer in there. This is one of many little things we’ve taken care of that’s made us appreciate our house so much more. For our next home I want to tackle things sooner rather than later and really enjoy it while we spend the next 30 years there. This week we finally moved the super-comfy-coma-loveseat into the rec room and Chad’s fallen asleep there every night since. He wakes up and comes to bed, but it’s nice that he’s that cozy. Of course, moving the loveseat downstairs was a whole different story, but we’re still married.



2. The weather has been amazing, 31C yesterday, which is 88F if you don’t speak Celsius. Too much to do indoors, so I didn’t get to spend a lot of time outside, but for the first time all year I didn’t have to wear a hoody in my office. It’s chilly down here in the dungeon. Don’t shoot me, but I am excited for the rain in the forecast this weekend. It’s a trade show weekend for me and last year this was our first gorgeous weekend of the year, so the trade show was empty. Mama needs bizness, people. Bring on the rain!

3. About 12 years ago, my parents gave us their solid oak dining room table. It’s a nice piece of wood, but dated, very obviously early 90s furniture. Paint stains all over it from letting the Littles do their art on it when they were the Littles. Now they’re the Preteen and Almostgrowdup.  I’ve been lugging this thing around with us through all of the places we rented before buying here. And why? Because I remember doing my homework on that table? Specifically having my dad help me, on a big project, a large map of Washington State, showing all of the different areas. (It really is an awesome state, explore it if you get the chance). A memory. I’m hanging onto this 75lb 6 foot long oak table for a memory. I don’t even like it and it’s not my style. So we donated it to charity. Someone can make their own memories with that table. And also, it is a giant pain-in-the-ass to move. We had to take the legs off to get it out the door. It looks smaller than it is. Not shown: the giant leaf.

This is how he rolls.

4. I’m only a few weeks away from my 39th birthday, one more year til ‘the big one’.  Last weekend my girlfriends told me they are taking over my 40th birthday shenanigans. When I told my other friend this, she said that would be hard for her because my parties are hard to top. (That made me feel warm & squishy inside). I do put time and effort into the parties I throw. I like themes, I invite the right people, I make bitchen playlists. I am happy because I can see myself getting all stressed out over my own 40th party, not over the actual birthday, and I know my friends are wicked party planners as well. My actual 40th is on a Wednesday and this is what I will probably be doing that day.

Our sign will be prettier and full of sparkles.

5. I actually finished a blog post this week! Word.



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