On Birthdays.

Currently, I’m in the midst of my 40th year. I celebrate the milestone officially in May, but since I was around the entire year before my 1st birthday, that makes this current time frame my 40th year. This past holiday season was my 40th Christmas and New Years, my 40th spring (the season of my birth), my 40th summer, and I’m in the midst of my 40th winter. When the day officially comes, I’ll technically be starting my 41st year of life. People generally look at birthdays as a celebration of the year ahead, when technically they are a salute to making it through the last 365 days. Or, in my case this year, the past 14,600 days, give or take a leap year here and there.’

Time goes so slowly when you’re a kid. It takes FOREVER for the clock to hit 3pm each day in class. It takes FOREVER for Christmas to come. It takes FOREVER for your birthday. It takes FOREVER for any sort of school break to happen, and then those last couple weeks in the summer take FOREVER to get through when you are bored and ready to get back to school and see your friends and actually do something.

As a mother of two in school, who also has a marriage to nurture and a business to cultivate and grow, I can tell you each day seems 5 minutes long compared to the long, drawn out days of my childhood. Life goes slow when you’re a kid, but it’s a million miles a minute when you’re in the midst of it.


Time to slow down and look around once in a while.